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Our partner companies removing CO₂

A diverse set of partners

We work with reputable partners using a variety of processes to create negative emissions. Currently each method has one partner that delivers the CDR for you.

How long does it take?

Different removal methods have different delivery times. e.g. once bio-oil is injected, the carbon is captured; however it takes a tree 5 years to grow and sequester the requested CO₂ (the tree will continue to sequester CO₂ after 5 years, but we don't sell that anymore as we rather produce more negative emissions than we sell to stay on the safe side).

More detailed information can be found in our docs for the removal timeline.

Running Tide

Method: Kelp sinking (Ocean based method)


Grows natural kelp forests in the ocean that capture CO₂ as part of photosynthesis. Eventually the kelp sinks to the bottom of the ocean where the high pressures slow/stop the decomposition and the carbon dioxide is stored.

Charm Industrial

Method: Bio-oil underground injection


Heats waste bio-mass to very high temperatures without oxygen (pyrolysis) turning the bio-mass into bio-oil. This bio-oil is then injected underground into deep caverns across the United States where it remains for millennia.


Method: Direct air capture and storage


Uses large fans and filters to capture carbon dioxide in Iceland before pumping it underground into basaltic rock formations where the CO₂ naturally reacts and turns into stone.

Eden Reforestation

Method: Forestation


Plants trees and restores forests around the world helping rejuvenate natural ecosystems and capturing carbon dioxide.


Method: Enhanced weathering (olivine sand distribution)


Distributes tonnes of olivine sand throughout Europe that reacts with air & rain water and naturally sequesters carbon dioxide into silicate and carbonates.

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