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CDR Platform

"CDR Platform" is a project from Climacrux LLC to make it easy to integrate carbon removal throughout your business.


Climacrux LLC was formed in 2020 with the aim to use technology to have a positive impact on the planet.


Accelerate the journey to a sustainable future.


We believe:

  1. People have the right - they are even obliged - to know the impact their actions cause on the living planet and climate. Understanding ones impact is the first step towards a more responsible life.
  2. People should live climate responsible but still find enjoyment and fulfillment in their lives. Only you can decide what living a happy life means to you and how far you can go.
  3. Guilt tripping is not the way. Pointing fingers will not have the same power as positive emotions and will only cause demotivation to do anything at all.
  4. All avoided emissions, no matter how small the amount, will help to slow down, stop and reverse climate change.
  5. Removing caused emissions is a good interim solution. Technology and humans are not ready yet to live emission free but we don't have time left. Until we get there, taking out unavoidable and historic emissions will be a great help.


Climacrux was founded by two nature loving friends who are driven to undo the damage their lifestyle has had on the environment.

Fabienne Muff

Co-founder & CEO

Passionate about nature and wildlife, Fabienne believes in finding a sustainable balance between humanity and nature and has ambitious goals to get there.

Ewan Jones

Co-founder & CTO

A Scottish software engineer trying to use his technical and leadership expertise to have a positive impact on the world.

Paying the bills

While the dream is for Climacrux LLC to enable the founders to work full-time on having an impact this is not currently the case.

Both founders continue to work full-time jobs dedicating their evenings and weekends to promote and further the development of Climacrux.

All profits made are reinvested back into the company at this time.

Company details

Climacrux LLC
c/o Fabienne Muff
St. Niklausenstrasse 96
6047 Kastanienbaum

Company ID: CHE-372.115.477 - Verify in the company registry

Registered: 19th June 2020

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